Midsummer Madness…

Well, its the summer solstice and after coming home from releasing Draco, a male soprano pip, I’ve been updating my bat care records.  So far I’ve had 13 bats this year (all pipistrelles), 7 of which were successfully released (way above the average 30% success rate of bat care in the UK)!  Really happy that Charlene & Pete are now trained up enough to take the less problematic bats off my hands, especially as ‘bat care season’ is about to happen, with mother bats giving birth to pups in maternity roosts in late June / early July – we tend to get lots of wayward youngsters in late July & August!  Anyway, thought I’d share a few pics of our success stories so far for 2012. – Hope you’re all having a lovely summer!


Cain & Abel, two male pipistrelles from near Kingsbury who were found soaking wet in a mop bucket! Released together (making social calls to each other!) after 6 days in care!

Mayday, a female pip from Rubery, released after 7 days in care!

Daz, grounded by a wind turbine in Kingstanding. Released after 50 days in care!


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