Another Bat Care Update…

Its been a week of ups and downs in the land of Bat Care, with two pups, Betty and Bathilda, being brought in by worried members of the public, and unfortunatley they both died due to injuries & stress.  But do you remember Juanita, the pup recently brought into care from a roost in Walsall?  For those who are following #JuanitaBat and her roost mates #BelfryBat and #BellaBat on twitter, I have a fantastic update for you –

Bella, Belfry and Juanita have now been joined by two pups (roostmates) Ginny & Ron, and a slightly older pup whom I’ve named Fizzgig (if you have seen the Dark Crystal you will be able to imagine what she is like!), as well as an injured adult in fantastic condition except for a badly damaged wing – seeking a nickname for her at the moment, so suggestions are welcome…

One more month and bat care season 2012 will be winding down…
-Morgan 🙂


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