Sally’s New House…

I’m looking after an adult Pipistrelle at the moment, named ‘Sally’ by one of our carers.  Sally’s had a badly broken wrist and, not to put too fine a point on it, a bit of an attitude problem.  However, although the worst of her injury is healed, and she can use her wing for walking around, hunting mealworms, that kind of thing, she can’t fly at all due to some substantial tears.  (She does seem to still think she can fly, and keeps jumping off things and flapping, albeit quite gracelessly, to a landing.  So it looks as though Sally might be around for some time, if not indefinitely.  Her grumpy demeanor seems to have calmed down as the swelling in her wrist has healed, and I have been thinking about my options for some suitable long-term housing for her.  Flightless bats don’t need much room, and tend to confine themselves to a small area, but what they do need is natural materials around for better acoustics, and I have been thinking about what I can do to integrate her smoothly into my living room (which is the warmest room in the house) in a way that she won’t be disturbed.  A quick trip to IKEA and a whizz through Wickes and I think I have come up with a solution.  I got a plastic (so durable and washable) box that slides into my bookshelf, and lined it with cork tiles (acoustically much more natural, and also, when hung rough-side-out, grippy so she can climb), hung up an old bamboo place mat to climb on and her blanket, and put in her water dish and hiding log, and mesh over the ventilation holes and she’s sorted!  So here it is:  What do you think?  – Morgan 🙂


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