Pre-Flight Checks…

This gorgeous little man is #MorganBat (for those who are following on twitter).  He isn’t named after me – he’s named after his finder’s son.  He was brought in with a damaged wrist, and has been spending the week learning to hunt mealworms – which is great because it means he’s less reliant on me for nutrition and can eat when he’s hungry.  It also means he doesn’t have to come to work with me to be fed during the day, which means no stress!

This photo shows the classic pink eye area of a soprano pipistrelle.

He’s not in the ‘Boys’ Tent’ as I am determined to get him back out into the wild where he came from this summer, rather than go into a flight cage for soft release. We still have a bit of work to do, as he flew for 15 seconds, but he needs to reach 20 minutes for release!.  HUGE thanks to Mitchell and family for taking him in and bringing him to me.  I’ll keep you posted on his progress!

– Morgan (the Human)


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