Weigh-day in the Bat Cave…

Weigh day today for the 10 bats I’ve got in care – I received my licence from Natural England to keep them through the winter and release them in the spring.  We are looking at all our options regarding flight cages – we may renovate one or build one from scratch, but either way I’ve got 4 boys and 4 girls that need to be soft-released in the spring.  Sally & Brucie are, for the time being, long-term captives, as they are both flightless.  Brucie is doing really well – you might remember if you’re following her story on facebook or twitter (#BrucieBat) she was brought in with a swollen elbow, and although her wing is unusable (can’t be opened fully), she doesn’t appear to be in pain, so I am waiting to see how she does, if she puts on weight, learns to hunt mealworms, etc.

Bella (by far the most beautiful thing on the planet – so aptly named!) is a whopping 8grams!!  This is actually a bit too chunky, and as I can’t really control her diet (she’s in with 3 other girls so you can’t really reduce one bat’s intake) – it means an exercise regime for her (and also her roost-mate, Belfry, who is a close second at 7g!) starting tomorrow!   I’ll keep you updated on how their diet goes!

Morgan x


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