A new tenant in the boys’ vivarium…

For those of you following the progress of #MorganBat from Gornal, we have been working hard to get his flight times up to where they should be, and racing against the clock to get him back to the wild before the weather changes.  Unfortunately, he’s still only doing 10 seconds at a time, although he is turning, etc pretty well and I have confidence that he will be okay eventually.

So for the meantime I have clipped his fur so I can identify him, and did a supervised introduction with Belfry today.  Belfry was a bit unsure at first and there was a bit of grumpiness on his part, but Morgan soon began sniffing Belfry and cuddled up to him, which Belfry has now tolerated with good grace.   Here’s the little video of some of their introduction:

– Morgan (the human)


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