Bat Box Checking at Earlswood Lakes

Several members of BrumBats (myself, Pete B., Pete K. and Paul Wilkinson) travelled to Earlswood Lakes in Solihull today to help out with a local bat box scheme that is being run by the Earlswood Wildlife Partnership, the Canals and Rivers Trust and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.  We were helping to check around 90 bat boxes to see which had been used by bats, and if any were currently in use.

The results of the scheme are really encouraging, as in the 18 months the boxes have been up, there has been about a 10% uptake by bats in the woodland (we recorded 6 bat boxes with resident Soprano Pipistrelles (Pipistrellus pygmaeus) and one with a colony of Brown Long Eared Bats (Plecotus auritus), as well as many others with evidence of bats (droppings!).

The bat boxes vary in size, from standard small Schwegler boxes to large hibernation boxes.  (One of the large boxes had a single male Soprano Pip inside, which we weighed (4.5 grams) and measured (forearm length: 30mm) before putting back.

We’re just itching to do more of this type of work around Birmingham and the Black Country – so watch this space for developments of new and existing bat box schemes.

-Morgan 🙂



  1. Hi Morgan, I work for a company called Wildcare. We supply bat equipment (among other things) to ecologists. I’d love to use one of your photos of bat boxes being checked on our web site – would that be possible perhaps in exchange for a small donation or some equipment?

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