The incredible Inside-Outside Bat Box!

IMG_3071Things are moving along at the Flight Cage project – our treasurer, Mike has designed some amazing bat boxes that are actually on the inside of the shed, with the entrances on the OUTSIDE of the shed!  This means that the boxes will be more sheltered, warmer and openable/accessible by the bat carers from the inside of the shed (which means we can check on the bats even if its raining without getting ourselves or the bats wet!)

IMG_3072You can see the inside of the shed in the photo above, showing the bat boxes with the doors open.  We’ve now also got shelves inside, and the soft-release bat boxes have also been moved in!  Its really starting to look like a flight cage!  The next job is to line the inside with windbreak material, and then fill with gravel for the floor  We’re hoping that we will be moving in the bats (Bella, Winnie, Dusty, Belfry, Kimi, P-Diddy, Wombat, Papoo, Splash, Ellie and Jay will all move in!) this month!

IMG_3073Remember that you can support the BrumBats care network by making donations towards the project (email Mike for details on doing this!) or by purchasing something from our Amazon wish list.