Things have been pretty busy this August, with the opening of the flight cage, lots of hard work at ‘flight school’ for the bats (there are now 11 bats inside the flight cage getting ready for release).  Most significant for me has been the appearance of my first ever Whiskered Bat, whose finders have named Meemo.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Meemo came in with glue on his wing, and had also managed to attach himself to some tape.  The tape came off easily, and the glue is being treated with olive oil (it is coming off gradually).  He only weighs 3.5g which is quite underweight for a Whiskered bat.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
The plan is to keep up the olive oil treatments, and to keep feeding him up until he is a decent flight weight, before releasing him in Telford where he came from.  Its been fantastic having a new species to learn from – and I can’t wait to see him using the flight cage!  (I’ll be sure to take some video of him flying!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe has a very shouty, grumpy disposition (a common trait of Whiskered bats!), but he makes up for it in pure handsomeness!  Just look at that lovely grey-brown fur and nice white teeth! 🙂