Batlands Today


Martie, Belfry and I all had our 15-minutes of fame this week, when we appeared on Midlands Today in a segment about our new flight cage, and highlighting the fact that this August Bank Holiday is International Bat Weekend.  Shocking how much filming they have to do for two minutes of edited film – we spend the morning talking about bats, how the weather affects them, how the flight cage was built from research to its opening earlier this month.Untitled-1

The interviewer was Bob Hockenhull who was really friendly and (apart from ducking a few times in mild panic when Belfry flew close to him) was very interested in the bats, and seemed to enjoy the ‘backstage pass’ into the world of bat care!  Hats off to him for being completely out of his comfort zone and keeping his cool! 🙂Untitled-3An amazing 600,000 people watch Midlands Today on a regular basis (including my mum who keeps phoning saying how proud she is and recorded it 4 times on two different freeview boxes! Jeez!) so it has been fantastic PR for BrumBats, and has raised the profile of bats in our area. Its the second bit of BBC publicity we’ve had recently – Emily was featured on CBBC WILD last month!

If you missed it and you’d like to watch – take a look here: