First Bats Released!

A lot of moving and shaking going on in the BrumBats flight cage this week – 10 bats have been soft released and another 9 bats have come into care from other bat carers, 5 of which (Norton, Large, Small, Hamster and Purple) are in the flight cage and 4 (Finn, Farrell, Fink and Freesia) are in the pop-up flexarium in my living room).  Check out these two videos from release day:

The first is an explanation of soft release: 

…and the second shows the moment when we put the bats in the soft-release box!

So five days later, the situation is that all of this year’s pups that were in the soft release box have gone, as well as Kimi, Belfry and P-Diddy.  Bella and Winnie continue to return (I like to think it is because they love me but realistically it is the free food!).

Kevin's tail hole is hardly noticeable!

For those of you following Kevin, he has been healing incredibly quickly – the huge hole in his tail is barely there now, so he will go back into the flight cage this weekend, along with four of our new arrivals.  Hop on over to our bat care page to see the profiles of the new bats!

Fink & Farrell eating dinnerAnother bit of drama this week is the case of Lucky, who came in with a cat-caused wound in her groin/hip area that is too gruesome to show you the photos!  I didn’t hold out much hope for her, but a few days of antibiotics and pain killers and she seems to be coming along nicely, with no sign of infection.  Keep your fingers crossed for her, I’ll keep you updated.

-Morgan 🙂

Lucky drinking water