Putting Bats on the Map: the Batlas Project

batlasmtg1blogIts been a while since I posted a blog, but we have been VERY busy indeed!  BrumBats are about to embark on a 7-year project to survey and map the bat populations in every tetrad (2km square) in Birmingham and the Black Country (There’s over 200 of them!!).  The surveys will result in the publication of the first Batlas (Bat-Atlas – see what we did there?!).  We’ve been planning for a while now, and after a recent talk given by James Shipman of the Berkshire and South Buckinghamshire Bat Group about their bat atlas work, we were all inspired to get stuck into planning our first year of surveys in 2014.  So on a chilly November night, we met at the Moorcroft Environment Centre to lay out our initial plans.  Our chair, Charlene Jones, even joined us for the meeting via Skype (aren’t we modern?!).

batlasmtg2blogLed by our Events Coordinator (and all-round superwoman) Lisa Worledge, the plans began to fall into place, as we chose our area ‘Teams’, agreed how we would communicate for the project, chose key roles, talked about equipment and methodology, funding, publicity and more.  Since then we’ve set up a facebook group www.facebook.com/groups/batlasproject and have now begun to populate our volunteer pages with images of the available tetrads.  Chris and Lisa are hard at work on methodology, and we are now all looking forward to the first meeting of 2014 on the 10th of January.

If you’d like to get involved in the project, take a look at the Batlas page here and fill out the enquiry form, or alternatively email batlas@brumbats.org.uk.

-Morgan 🙂