Whole Meal Goodness

photo (33)I’ve just had my first two bats in care for 2014 (thought I’d go with a Game of Thrones theme this year and give them all Westerosi names!), so welcome Cersei and Joffrey! They are likely to be mother and son, and were inadvertently found when a ceiling tile was removed!  They are a bit skinny and lethargic, so feeing them up for release in the spring.

The bats I’ve got in care at the moment have undergone an increase in appetite, and I’m really getting through the mealworms, which got me thinking about how many we get through in a year.  Its pretty easy to estimate, as most bats eat 15 mealworms a day, and we keep track of how many days each bat is in care, so here are the figures for last year:

In 2013 we cared for a total of 79 bats, amounting to a cumulative 4,659 days in care, during which they wolfed down a whopping

70,000 mealworms!!!

(for the calorie-counters among you, that’s 83,000 calories!)

As you can imagine, this does cost BrumBats quite a bit of money, (although we do breed lots of mealworms, we still end up buying over 75% of what the bats eat) so if you feel like making a contribution to bat care, you can always pick up a box of mealworms from Pets at Home, Just for Pets, or any shop that sells live reptile food, and bring them along to a meeting or event.  Our bats will thank you for it!

The very brave among you may even want to have a go at breeding mealworms for us – if you think you’d like to give it a try, drop me an email!

-Morgan 🙂