Silver Wings

20140315_102546smWe had a special visitor to the flight cage yesterday – local jewellery designer Anna de Ville, who specialises in custom-made wildlife-themed charms, broaches, necklaces & earrings.  Anna wanted an opportunity to see some bats up close prior to embarking on some new bat-themed designs!  Cersei & Joffrey came out to show off for her a bit – both demonstrating their awesome flying skills, and behaving enough for Anna to get a good look at some of their anatomy up close (thumbs, toes, whiskers & ears were all examined for detail.  It was also a great opportunity for a pre-release flight test for the bats who have now gone back to RAF Cosford  for release! 

20140315_103113smI also got the opportunity to see some of Anna’s designs – which I have to say, totally blew me away!  They were real-looking, yet stylised, and seemed to really capture the essence of the animal (See the badger below!).  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with for bats!  So watch this space, as I’ll share the designs with you as soon as I see them.  In the mean time you can take a look at Anna’s website here: