2014 Residents in Action


2014 will be our first full year in which we have had use of the flight cage here at BrumBats, and we’re wasting no time, with four residents in the cage already preparing for release within the next few weeks.  Its still pretty cold, so activity is low, but we flew some of the bats as part of their ‘flight test’ to see if they were ready to move in recently and filmed it.  Soprano pipistrelle Finn (above) was not the least bit interested in flying and preferred to sleep so we left him to it in the bat box, but Common pip Paul did us all proud.  Firstly, he showed off is ace flying skills while we filmed him from beneath…

…and then exhibited a particular type of behaviour (return to roost) which means that he is ready for soft release, and will be sent on his way as soon as the weather warms up a bit.  Here’s his fantastic first time returning to ‘his’ bat box…

We’re all very excited about the 2014 season.  We recently ran our Introduction to Bat Care course, and already have a substantial waiting list for the next one – not to mention the BrumBats Flight Cage project is on the agenda for both Midlands Bat Conference and National Bat Conference (I am a wee bit terrified about that one but don’t tell anyone!).

Anyway, hope you enjoy the videos; I hope to be posting shortly to report on our first soft-releases of the year!



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