The Sopranos

The Reremouse

Today was graduation day in the BrumBats flight cage, where we moved 8 common and 3 soprano pipistrelle bats into the flight (which is basically an aviary in which we teach orphaned bats to fly). There are another 15 bats waiting to move in, but they need to be self-feeding on mealworms before that’s possible. I took a few photos of our new residents, and thought I’d take a minute to show you the difference between our two most abundant pipistrelle species (there is a third, Nathusius’s Pipistrelle, which is larger and rarer – and I’ve never even seen one!)

The following photos are all common pipistrelles – they have a dark face (aka the bandit pipistrelle) and quite perky ears.

Now, if you compare the common pipistrelle (below, left) to the soprano pipistrelle (below right), you can see that the soprano is pinker in the face, paler in general…

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