I have said “yes” to the ever persuasive and enthusiastic Morgan and we are going to make a recording and thus a podcast of the BrumBats “Introduction to bat care training”, so more people can access it.

Morgan and her husband P have done all the hard work, set up “the studio” in their sitting room and got all the power point slides together, made flapjack and tea.

I need to turn up looking presentable in case Morgan takes photos…of course she will, and sit on the sofa and chat about bats; not too hard then.


We are going to make the podcast so that people can access it on line and be informed about the basics and have time to reflect on if these roles are really for them. Usually when we have taught this sort of course, the first back in 2007, we have tried hard to put people off because it is not for everyone. It can be distressing at times and success rates, although improving, are not great. Plus saving one bat is protection but saving a roost or a habitat is conservation and that is ultimately more helpful to bats. So there are some arguments against bat care. But the main reasons bats come into care are down to things that humans are probably responsible for, so it does seem only fair to try and redress the balance.

Once people have gone through the on line course then they are better set to decide on the next steps, if any, for them and come along to more practically orientated courses.


So, sit on the sofa, close to Morgan so we can both see the laptop and are both close to the microphone and its shield. P. tells us this will make us sound balanced….really? We are unbalanced by years of bat care this is not going to change things. But sitting next to each other and looking at the slides and photos makes the words come and the memories flow and we can chat and interact and add a few stories and so the recording builds a slide and a track at a time.

We stop a few times and go back when sounds from outside like an ice cream van get on to the recording, it is an amazingly sensitive set up that P. has built. After about 3 hours we have it recorded and now P. and Morgan have the job of editing it down to a course.


We hope that soon prospective BrumBats  bat collectors and carers  will be able to access the podcast and slides on Youtube and it might help other bat groups too. We look forward to hearing how you find the course.

My thanks to Morgan and P for a very nice  afternoon.

by Chris Sherlock

* The course has been edited together and you can now see the two podcasts on youtube: