Bat Events

Please note that we are not currently taking bookings for events for the rest of 2020. This is due to the Coronavirus pandemic, as all spring surveys, events and activities were cancelled and as such, (when things return back to normal) we will be prioritising using the summer months to deliver rescheduled (cancelled) spring events. Thanks for your understanding. I’m leaving the general booking info below…

Below is a calendar of local bat events (these are usually NOT BrumBats events, but are ones that we are attending. Please ensure that you BOOK onto these with the organiser rather than just attending. Contact info is provided.

Planning an Event

If you are planning a bat walk or thinking about requesting one using the form below, there are several things you should consider:

  1. Season – bats begin to hibernate from October and don’t usually emerge again until April. In April and September, bat activity is usually very low, so you are best keeping bat walks to May – August. Talks can be delivered at any time, but our volunteers are usually very busy during spring and summer, so plan talks for October – March.
  2. Sunset – bats usually begin to come out from about 15 minutes after sunset, so sunset is a good time to start a bat walk. Please remember that in the middle of summer, sunset is VERY LATE.
  3. School holidays – Many people request bat walks during school holidays, which run from mid-July to September, which is our busiest survey season, so we have very limited availability then. It is also worth keeping in mind that in mid-late July, sunset is not until 9.30pm, so a bat walk would not finish until 11pm. Easter holidays are usually in early April, when there is very little bat activity.
  4. Day of the week – All our volunteers work full time, so it is unlikely that we can deliver a walk, talk or stall on a ‘school night’.
  5. Numbers – a good maximum number of people at a bat walk is 30 – this would allow one bat detector between 3 people. Any more than that and people will struggle to hear the walk leaders and the bats.
  6. Being Prepared – even in the summer, bat walks can be very dhilly, and it’s usually on rough ground in the dark, so we suggest that you advise all of your attendees to wear warm clothing and stout footwear, and to wear or bring red LED head torches (or normal torches) as red lights deter bats far less than white lights do.

Requesting an Event

If you wish the bat group to deliver a stall, talk or walk, we will require at least 60 days notice. Please note that in most circumstances we do NOT undertake surveys in relation to developments or planning applications. Please fill out the request form below. Please note that for most events we require a donation of £30, which enables us to maintain our bat detectors and other equipment.