Current volunteering opportunities:

Bat Care
Looking after sick, injured, grounded or orphaned bats is a very difficult but rewarding way to volunteer. You will need a rabies vaccination to get involved with bat care.

Stalls, Walks and Events
You don’t need any special skills or experience to help out at bat walks, stalls and events (you just need lots of enthusiasm!). It’s a great way to learn about bat ecology if you’re a beginner, and also a great way to pass on your knowledge and skills to others.

The Batlas Project
If you fancy being part of something big, a great way to volunteer is to get involved with our Batlas Project – a systematic survey of every 2km square in our county! You don’t need any experience to get involved. Check out the project pages.

To enquire about volunteering for the above, please complete this form:

Training for your VBRV Licence:

If you are seeking a Volunteer Bat Roost Visitor licence, we only have one trainer within our bat group, and there is currently a waiting list for VBRV trainees.  VBRV trainee positions are given as a priority to our existing volunteers, and as such, we recommend that you begin as a survey volunteer (for which there is also currently a waiting list).

Urban Bat Project Volunteering

There is currently a waiting list to volunteer for the Urban Bat Project, which involves advanced surveys, endoscoping and bat box checks.  

Please email info@brumbats.org.uk with “Urban Bat Project” in the title, including details of your experience in order to be added to the list.